Thursday, May 29, 2014

Writings & Such

I'm really trying with my blog this time.  Truly!  See, I'm back! :)

It's summer, and I suddenly have too much time on my hands and absolutely nothing to do.  One of my things to do this summer is to write either a short story or a novel--whichever my current project turns out to be, and I've been working on it.  Slowly.  As of right now, it's four pages long, but it's a start.

Really, I have two stories that I'm working on, but one of them is on hold because I'm out of ideas as far as characters go.  The three main ones have been developed and I've yet to make a villain.  So it's on to something new until another idea comes about.

My lovely main characters for my fantasy novel.
If you'd like to see the storyboards for my two projects, you can click this link for my four-pager and this one for the other.  Currently they are both titleless because I'm really bad at thinking of titles.

Teagan & Lindy, from my summer story.
It's been a while since I've written any poetry, because I've been working on my stories, but if and when I do write some, I'll post it.

Hopefully I'll be back soon!  I had finals, so there wasn't much time to blog last week.  Thanks for sticking around and being patient as I get back in to the flow of blogging!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Blog? What's a blog?

Do I even remember how to do this?  I'm not quite sure.

Hello, friends and family.  If anyone still reads this...

Anyway, my intentions were good.  I really did want to post weekly and I stuck with my blogging routine for a full semester.  But second semester picked up a lot and before I knew it, I hadn't updated my blog in months.  So here is the valuable lesson I have learned: blogging regularly and school are not compatible in my life right now.  However, finals are next week and after that I am on summer break, so I will have more time to blog--but I can't promise that I'll post regularly.  It's past the point where I can promise that, haha!

I think I'm getting back into the flow though.  I'll try to post some writing at some point this summer as well as other things.  Thanks for bearing with me,

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