Friday, May 16, 2014

Blog? What's a blog?

Do I even remember how to do this?  I'm not quite sure.

Hello, friends and family.  If anyone still reads this...

Anyway, my intentions were good.  I really did want to post weekly and I stuck with my blogging routine for a full semester.  But second semester picked up a lot and before I knew it, I hadn't updated my blog in months.  So here is the valuable lesson I have learned: blogging regularly and school are not compatible in my life right now.  However, finals are next week and after that I am on summer break, so I will have more time to blog--but I can't promise that I'll post regularly.  It's past the point where I can promise that, haha!

I think I'm getting back into the flow though.  I'll try to post some writing at some point this summer as well as other things.  Thanks for bearing with me,


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