Sunday, September 1, 2013

Off to Hogwarts

I will steal a flying car if I have to, so help me
So, it's off to Hogwarts today, for all the people who actually got their letters when they turned eleven.

I'm still waiting for mine.

Actually, instead of going to Hogwarts, I've spent the day doing homework and trying to pick out a biography for my book report.  Give me spells and potions any day!

This week has been a busy one.  Not only have I been assigned two essays and a book report, we also had two tests and two quizzes, homework upon homework upon homework, and struggling through PE even though I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in both of my legs.

Then we had our  first school social on Friday, which was at a trampoline place, where I had lots of fun and lost my voice and messed up my legs even more (but it was worth it), and afterward there was a party, and then a birthday party yesterday, and how do popular and social people do this?  It's tiring!!

Alright, time to keep researching biographies.  'Till next time!


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