Friday, August 23, 2013


Sorry for no Tuesday post the past two weeks.  I may or may not need to reschedule now that I have an idea of what homework is going to be like.  Until then, I'm gonna play it by ear.  Hopefully that's okay with you guys!

High school is great!  My teachers are awesome and the older kids are nice and helpful.  As with any school--or any situation where you put more than 10 kids together in a group--there's drama and "mean girls" and stuff like that, but they're not interested in me.  And honestly, that's totally fine.  The less drama, the better.

I have some pros and cons to the first two weeks of school.  Here is my list:

PRO: Retreat was awesome!
CON: I was sick during retreat, so it was less awesome than it could have been.

PRO: we have a separate locker for our PE stuff, meaning no stinky shoes with our notebooks.
CON: I frequently need to ask for help opening my combination lock.

PRO: I know where and when all my classes are.
CON: My 5th period class is on the other side of the school from my 6th period.

PRO: My first class is choir, which is amazing!
CON: Singing at 8:30am can be a challenge.

PRO: We get out of school 30 minutes early twice a week!
CON: We have 8 different bell schedules.

But really?  Even though there's a lot of homework and it's a little bit stressful, truth is I love school so far and am really looking forward to the rest of the year.

I'll try to post again on Tuesday if I don't have too much work!


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