Tuesday, July 30, 2013


As summer is almost over (for me, at least), I've been thinking about all the things I've done and haven't done this summer.

The list may not be long or impressive but everything we did was a memory that will definitely stay with me for a long time :)

Okay, this was technically in April.  But I count it as part of our summer vacation.  We had a lot of fun in Florida!  We went to Disney World and camped in different places all over the state.  We wanted to visit the Florida Keys but couldn't make it, but I swam in the Gulf of Mexico, got dozens of bug bites, learned about pirates and Spanish soldiers, saw--and smelled--a natural sulfur spring, and had a really great time with my family.

I wrote a whole post on Meg, if you want to read that.  But meeting her was definitely one of the best parts of my entire summer, if not The Best!  We talked and laughed and had a fabulous time, and even though we only got to hang out for a few hours it felt as though I'd known her my whole life.  It was awesome and I love her to death!  Hopefully we can see each other again sometime <3

Santa Cruz
I go to Santa Cruz every year with my amazing best friend!  We wake up at 5:30, leave at 6:30 and get there just before 8.  And then we spend the whole day on the beach!  It's so fun and even though I got super burnt--my face and legs didn't heal for almost a week--we had an awesome time.

(She's a cheerleader)
Santa Cruz 2.0
This time with my family!  We went on Saturday and even though we sat in three hours of traffic when it should have taken only an hour and a half, we got to visit the Seymour Marine Reserve, make a quick stop to see the Natural Bridges beach, ate delicious burgers, and walked along the Boardwalk beach.  Overall we spent more time in the car than out of it, because we hit traffic on the way home too, we laughed and talked and sang and had a really good time :)

And, of course, all the sleepovers and everyday adventures too.
This summer I've had lots of friends over, either for the day or for sleepovers, been to the county fair, WaterWorld, gone out for lunch, and more.  Someone told me recently to have little adventures every day, so that you're ready for the big ones when they come along.  I try to appreciate the small things, because they matter just as much as the large ones.  So find an adventure!

(Yeah, that was really cheesy...)

But with that, I'll leave you 'till next week.  And speaking of weeks, school starts in just two!  So you bet there will be some school posts in the near future.

Have amazing adventures!



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