Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Testing out the Tuesday blogging schedule.  If this ends up being too difficult to keep up I'll try Thursday instead.

So, today.  Yeah, I'd say today was pretty awesome :)

Today we got to go the Academy of Sciences!  Which is always fun anyway, of course.  But this time was extra-special.  This time I got to meet Meg!

Meg posted this picture of herself on her blog.  She calls it, "The Blogger in Her Natural Habitat".
Meg is a friend that I met over the internet.  One day a while back, she wrote a blog post about how she was feeling like nobody really cared about her or listened to her opinions.  I wrote her a message telling her that I hoped everything would get better and that if she needed someone who would listen,  she could always come talk to me.  So she did.  And we got to talking.

Last month she mentioned that she was visiting Northern California with her family, and thought that it might be cool if we got together.  So we set a date and a time and suddenly today was here and we finally got to meet!  She's super nice and funny, and we had a great time talking and wandering around the museum.

Honestly, I was a little nervous that we wouldn't have much in common and wouldn't be able to find anything to talk about, but we got three steps away from our parents and started chatting and laughing like old friends!  It was kind of crazy.  Books, movies, and blogging bring people together like that :)

So we had an amazing time, and hopefully we can hang out next time she comes to California too!  I'm super happy that we got to meet.  It was awesome.

Guess that'll wrap up this post.  Look forward to another one next Tuesday!


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