Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We're All Mad Here.

I thought there would be a whole post involved, but really we just had dinner and I hung out with friends.  It was fun, but my posts have been slacking big-time and this wouldn't make it much better.

When I went to Wonderland on Saturday it reminded me of that time I tried to write Alice's daughter falling into wonderland...

“Oh, bloody...I’m late!  They were expecting me to be there 20 minutes ago!” the rabbit said.  Then, he saw me, took out a pocket watch, and tapped it.
“My dream.  Is this a dream?” I asked under my breath, but I knew better.
He scampered off, and I tried to follow him.  He quickly vanished, however, and I had only the rustling in the bushes to follow.  I saw him dash around a tree, then I heard no more.  Tiptoeing over to the tree, I found a large hole.  Leaning down on my hands and knees, I called down, “Hello?  Mr. Rabbit?”  
Suddenly, a large chunk of ground crumbled from beneath my hand, and I tumbled down into the gap.
“Ahh!” I screamed as I fell, my dress flapping around (though luckily not flying up) and my shoes falling away into the darkness.  I saw all sorts of strange things, from a bookshelf to a piano that nearly took my head off to a floating tea set.  Down, down, down I flew, gravity playing with me while I shrieked and plummeted literally head over heels towards an unseen floor.

I'm pretty impressed with my use of "gravity playing with me" at age 11, but other parts of that story shall never see the light of day (fewer things are more embarrassing than the majority of my elementary school writing).

Hope you enjoyed this post, even though it was short.  Thought you might enjoy some dusty old Blue stuff, pre-Misadventures :)


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