Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hey there!  As it says in my description, you probably know me as Miss Education, from my old blog.  You can read my posts from my two years of homeschooling by clicking the "Homeschool Misadventures" tab above.  But this is a new blog, and a fresh start.

Welcome to Ink Stains.

This wasn't in the original poll that I ran on Misadventures.  It actually just kind of...came to me, I guess.  You may know that I love to write.  And even though most of my work is done on the computer, I write things by hand as well, and afterward my hands are usually smeared with ink.  Thus, Ink Stains.

I may or may not change it, but the URL will likely stay the same.

Also, let me introduce you to my new screen name, Blue.  There are a few reasons why I chose this name.  One reason is because I wrote a poem in second grade (I think it was second grade) about my cat, whose name was Baby Blue Eyes.  That poem was published somewhere, in a magazine or something, and I was really proud of it.  So Blue ties me to my writing.  Blue is also my favorite color.  And it's simple, no fuss.  Just Blue.

Presently, I'm trying to work on a blogging schedule, which will probably change once I start school, but the plan is once a week, probably on a Tuesday or Thursday.

And finally, this blog is not only about school and life and that kind of thing, it will also include beauty stuff.  Not as much as the others, but it will still come up (probably when I don't have much to post about).  If you'd like to skip over that, just look under any tabs not labeled "Girly Girl".  You'll find blog posts according to the headings there.

Thanks for stopping by, whether you've been reading since the very first Misadventures of a Homeschooler post or just found this blog recently!



  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest (btw, LOVE your boards), and it looks pretty awesome. I know you aren't homeschooled anymore, but I'm a homeschooler so... I guess I just wanted to say that. Anyway--I'll be looking forward to new posts! Later! ~Mary Jane

    1. Hello!! Oh my goodness, thanks!! You have no idea how excited I am that someone (other than my family haha) wants to read my blog :D Cool! Fellow homeschooers--and uh, ex-homeschoolers--unite! Thanks again, just you commenting means a lot <3


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