Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Late Again

I had a blog post all planned out yesterday, but then plans got canceled and it kinda collapsed.  So again, the promised post of the week comes a little late.  Sorry, I'm just not used to a schedule for this thing yet.

It's summer!  Though it's been cooler here this week, and doesn't feel like summer so much as spring.  Guess the seasons have been off, since winter came in March.  Get back on track, mother nature!

Personally, I don't like to do a ton of stuff in the summer.  The school year packs in enough work for anyone, and summer is for relaxing.  Though I have a friend who is packing her bags for Europe, we're staying at home.  And that's great.  But honestly, that's also what I've been doing for the past two years during school.  So it's easy for one to get bored when cooped up in one's house all year, not old enough to go out alone, not young enough to see the house as a huge playground.

So I get creative.

Collages, drawing--endless drawing--listening to music, and reading are my go-to things to do.  But I also like hanging out with friends, bike riding, swimming, and watching Netflix (I'm a sucker for BBC).  And I'm working on getting out more.  This week a lot of my friends are at camp, but hopefully there will be some sleepovers in the near future.  

And can you believe it's almost the end of June?  All I have left of summer is July and the first week and a half of August!  Gotta cram in as much fun as possible before school starts. And there's back-to-school shopping, not only for supplies but for clothes, since my new school doesn't have uniforms, too!  It's gonna be a crazy rest of the summer.

Next week, I'll have a post on time!  Pinkie promise!


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